Hello, I’m Josh, owner and operator of Red Castle Soap, and here’s how it all started:

I cut my teeth in the craft beer industry back in 2012; Jack’s Abby had posted on Facebook that they needed someone to work solely in their taproom. I answered the call, and a week later I was slinging samples of beer out of their 500 sq. ft. taproom space at their (old) location on Morton St. in Framingham, MA.

I’ve been there for 5 whole years now, growing with them into their new location, and now working part-time at their sister brewery Springdale. My experience here really awakened a love for all things crafted by individuals who simply love what they do.

While I love the craft beer industry, I never had a huge desire to actually brew the beer; however, I ended up finding my calling to soap during the summer of 2013. On a short vacation to western Mass I saw a beautiful display of rustic handmade soaps on a shelf at eye level. I became fascinated, I loved these soaps! So, I decided then and there I wanted to try my hand at soap, and as soon as I got home from vacation, made my first brick with olive oil and hemp oil, scented with clary sage, I remember that recipe to this day, and it came out really well for a first try!

Shortly thereafter, having educated myself and honed my skills a little more, I was curious to see if I could use beer in the process of making soap. To my joy, I could!

There was no looking back after that, I could use something I love, in an activity I love, in order to make something I love. I’ve been making beer soap for over 4 years now, refining my skills, using a myriad of different methods, beers, oils, fragrances, and colors.

Red Castle Soap was born in May of 2015, and I started supplying Jack’s Abby with their beer soap when they opened their new beer hall in October 2015. Since then I’ve managed to become the beer soap supplier of Castle Island Brewing, Wormtown Brewing, Springdale Brewing, and Startline Brewing in addition to offering my own Red Castle Soap branded beer soaps (on occasion).

It’s been a wild ride, and I’m looking forward to making Red Castle Soap the premier beer-soap supplier for breweries in New England. Prost!

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