1. Why beer soap, does it really do anything?

I love beer, I was working at Jack’s Abby Brewing when I started making soap as a hobby, and I was eager to incorporate it into my passion of soap crafting. Yes, it really does do something. Beer is proven to be beneficial to the skin and the hair! People pour beer straight on their head and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing in order to give their hair a nice sheen even today, it’s not a common practice, but people do it. I put it into the soap and make something a little bit longer-lasting.

2. Do you use palm oil in your soap?

No, Red Castle Soap has never used palm oil in soap. While it is a dream-ingredient for Soapsmen and Soapswomen, as it makes a wonderfully hard and long lasting bar with a rich & creamy lather, purchasing it translates into it’s demand, which then translates to the rapid deforestation of the world’s rainforests. I could buy sustainably harvested and fair trade palm oil, but that would raise the retail price point significantly. So right now, I’m steering clear of it.

3. Do you use animal fat in your soap?

No, not for the breweries I supply, anyway. I have used both beef tallow as well as lard in my Red Castle Soap brands before, but it’s not something I do often. Lard does help make for an excellent bar of soap though, and I do enjoy it when I’m able to get my hands on a little bit to put into a batch. I include an ingredient list on all Red Castle Soap products, so there’s no need to worry if you prefer to use something without any animal products in it.

4. Will you make beer soap for weddings or other events?

You bet I will! Red Castle Soap has done gift soaps for a few weddings so far, as well as a couple baby showers. I’ll work with you to fit your wedding theme or color scheme, there’s a lot that can be customized.

5. Can you do elaborate beer soaps with cool designs?

Short answer: No. Long answer: I specialize in making high quality, simple style rustic soaps, I’m definitely willing to try my hand at some artsy looking soap, but I’d still stick to the more basic methods of doing it. Many of the beautiful elaborate soaps with cool designs are sold at higher prices, and made with lower quality oils; this offsets the extended skill and labor it takes to make those colorful soapy works of art, which even I myself admire!

6. Will you make custom branded soap for my barber shop/salon/store?

Absolutely. While my main focus is custom branded beer soap for breweries, I would certainly entertain custom branding outside that market.

7. Why don’t you make liquid soap/shampoo? Lotion? Lip-balm?

I will be dabbling in liquid soap in the near future, most likely sometime early 2018, right now I have my hands full with seasonal orders for breweries, beer soaps are a wildly popular gift for craft beer enthusiasts.

As far as lip-balm and lotion, I’ve offered these before, and I will certainly offer the lotion again because it was fantastic. However the reason I don’t offer them regularly is mostly because I’m one person with large orders of beer soap to fill, and right now my soap-game is something I’d like to keep working on and perfect.

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